5 Tips to Raise Avid Readers

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consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
I’m going to be sincere, growing up I wasn’t an avid reader, I actually dislike to read it wasn’t until after college when I started to read for pleasure and today I love it! I usually have 3 to 5 books by my bed that I read depending on my mood and I always have a book in my purse so when I take the kids to the park, pool, airplane, I read and that’s how I inspire my boys to read as well because as they say, “Lead by example right?

consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
“Why are always reading mom?” My 6 year old asked me, “Because I like to read, is fun for me, plus I’m always learning something.” That was my answer and I guess he  liked it because he asked me if could go to the library to pick up some books for him and his brother, I actually try to take my boys to the library at least once a week, that way they always have new books they like read.

consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
Personally I think is extremely important to ?? the habit of reading in our children, I think it’s one of the best gifts we can give them as a parent and a powerful tool that will help them succeed througth their lives.

consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
The Power of Reading

Did you know reading can change a child’s brain? According to a study, reading at a young age,  causes for the cerebral cortex  to get thicker and that will help the child in his development.

With our kids’ busy schedules; homework, after school activities etc..I know is difficult to take a moment during the day and enjoy a book, but if you try to find 20-30 minutes a day to read, your kids will thank you the rest of their lives, so here a few tips on how I inspire my kids to read and I’m raising avid readers.

1 Lead with example

As you know, kids like to be like us, if they constantly see you with a book in your hands they will eventually want to do the same.

consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
2 Make it a habit to go to the library

Help them find books of topics that interest them, this way they have no excuse since they selected the books.

3 Exchange electronics for books

Instead of bringing their Ipads, Nintendos etc.. when going out to entertain them, ask them to bring a book, you’ll be amazed how calm they’re when reading it,  if you don’t have a book, ask them to read you the signs on the road, labels at the supermarket etc.. As a prize for reading if you like, allow them to play their devices afterwards.

consejos para criar un nino avido a la lectura
4 Read with them

If you can’t every night, make it 3 nights a week or find the best time for you. Have them choose a book and at the end of the story ask them questions about the book such as; What was the book about?, Who was the main character?, Is this a real story? This is great practice for when they have to do comprehensive reading at school.

5 Make it Fun!

Kids learn while having fun, if you make reading a chore or obligate them to read they won’t do it, don’t force them, inspire them to read with these tips, the clue is to find something that will motivate them to read.

Extra Tip: Work as a team!

The same way you work with your kids’ teacher to continue their education at home, do it to promote reading, for example you can donate your old books either to your school or the local library.

Parents and Teachers Work Together to Bring More Books to Schools.

That’s why I’m so happy to tell you that, SunnyD is proud to support children, teachers and parents across the country with the SunnyD Book Spree. The program helps to bring books into the classroom in exchange for SunnyD labels. Being part of The SunnyD Book Spree is easy, specially because parents and teachers work together. All grades from K to 7th can participate!

To participate in The SunnyD Book Spree and help more children to have access to books, you only have to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Clip and collect eligible SunnyD UPC labels. See which products are eligible here: http://sunnyd.com/bookspree/en/#eligible-products
  2. Send UPC labels with your child to a participating teacher. Tell your teacher to participate here: http://sunnyd.com/bookspree/en/tell-a-teacher/
  3. Teachers collect UPC labels fill out the entry form and mail both to SunnyD
  4. SunnyD sends books to participating classroom. *Limit of 20 books per classroom.

The SunnyD Book Spree promotion ends 11/30/2014 so don’t wait and talk to your teacher about bringing more books to the classroom and raise avid readers!

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