5 Reasons to see The Croods

Next week, The Croods will be in theaters and you might be wondering should I spend $9 (sometimes more) on a movie ticket to take my children to watch another animated movie? What’s so special about this one?


The answers to your questions are, Yes! and Everything is special about The First Modern Family, The Croods, that’s what I learned during  a Q&A with Directors Chris Sanders & Kirk DeMicco, along with Producers Kristine Belson & Jane Hartwell during The Croods Parent Blogger Summit at Dreamworks Studios.

So here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss this great film:

The Croods characters 1-Is a win for moms in children’s movies

On The Croods, don’t expect to see a prince or only man being strong, although the family man (Grug)  is pretty tough, the toughest one of the Croodaceous family is the mom, Ugga, “She was probably one of the biggest challenges because she plays a very tough role.  She needs to protect her family and do the right things for her family.” Said Sanders, but she’s not a feminist, like any good wife, she knows how to balance being a strong woman but at the same time stand by her man, in this case, Grug.

I love that writers and directors of  The Croods decided  to make the woman in the movie dominant.   Even Sandy the baby  is pretty dominant with his brother. I think it sends a  great message to all girls and woman out there.

the croods

2-Anyone can relate to the story

The story has  many layers and goes deep into some topics,  but not so deep to slow the fast moving film and make it  boring, plus you get  to laugh and cry.  Some of the topics are, ups and downs of family relationships and one that anyone can relate to,  the theme of change, “Is such a relevant thing that everybody goes through, if you’re a kid, adults don’t want to change jobs, kids don’t want to change schools, nobody likes it, everyone’s afraid of it.” Says DeMicco

the croods characters 3-Discover an unknown world

The Croods, who is a caveman family, is based on the Croodaceous time period, which the writers made up and shows the Jurassic through today, “The Croodaceous is a little slice between Jurassic and Today, “We even thought that maybe we should do a little promo where we should show some scientists digging along and  discovering a little layer called the Comedic, and there’d be funny things in that layer of dirt.” Said Sanders

4-It’s all about “The Evolution of a Family”

Although The Croods is the story of  the world’s first modern family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always been their home, is destroyed, I love that the main drive of the story is so family centric, “Is about the evolution of a family, of your own family over time and that is a real thing that everybody can solidly relate to.” Said Sanders.


5-The Croods will keep you very close to the edge

Usually animated movies are just funny and there’s no suspense, but that’s what makes The Croods so unique, because more than once but specially during one scene, The Croods will push you so close to the edge you won’t know if you should cry or scream. When a blogger asked Kirk DeMicco, one of the Directors and Writers of the movie, “How do you know how to pull back so you don’t push us so far over the edge?” This was his answer, “The balance of the tones in that there’s dramatic and emotional stuff, even for scary stuff, if it’s too scary, the best thing that relieves everything, the big catharsis on the other side is the big laugh, and you kind of laugh through it.” So true I have to say!

The Croods from Dreamworks hits theaters March 22nd, watch the trailer and learn more about the most famous Croodaceous family!

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The Croods surpassed my expectations, It’s a hit!

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Disclosure-Thanks to 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation for inviting me to The Croods Parent Blogger Summit!


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