31 Days Being Latina Photo Challenge with Orgullosa

31 days of being latina
I’m going to tell you the thruth, growing up I didn’t think Latina was so special, actually I didn’t like it at times when people asked me, “Are you Latina?” I thought I had a X on my forehead that will prohibit me from gaining success, how wrong was I!

It’s because I’m Latina that I got all my jobs and became successful, the “Latina mark” became my “Latina glow”!

I’m very  proud to be Latina. I’m proud to be a strong and independent woman since I was in high school. My mother , following her mother steps, was a very strong woman who taught me to be independent, be tough and appear to be tougher when feeling week, use Sabor on everything, and never let boys touch my private parts.  Strong women are the essence of my family and we all have personalities that standout in a room; opinionated, loud and orgullosas of who we are and do, it is in our core and we can”t help it.

My culture is so deeply rooted, it’s funny at times!  Following superstitions such as lifting your feet when passing over train tracks because it will prevent me from ever getting married, although I’ve been married for 10 years! Putting my purse on the floor because it will keep me broke, throwing salt over your right shoulder after dropping it or it will mean bad luck. These are things my grandma told me that stood with me forever! My culture is what gave me my thick skin that helps me to overcome any helps me overcome obstacles and barriers I encounter in life.

31 days of being latina
As you might have heard, September 15, 2014 marks the first day of National Hispanic Heritage and I have been invited by Orgullosa to participate in their first ever Instagram Photo Challenge #31DaysBeingLatina. Everyday Latinas will share a photo from topics like, what’s in your botiquin?, ingredients for your sazon, Favorite RED lipstick, from mami’s closet and much more..

I would love for all of you  Latinas to join me on the challenge and have fun!  This daily photo challenge will be sure to bring you closer to home and allow you to celebrate who you’re! So let’s Instagram away Latinas! And check our Latina heritage on #31DaysBeingLatina on  Twitter and Instagram. Follow me on Twitter to see My Latina Side!


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