3 Reasons why Disney’s Maleficent is a MUST See!

3 reasons to watch maleficent

I don’t usually like prequels, but in this case, since I heard about Disney’s MALEFICENT I couldn’t wait to see it and I finally did yesterday with my 5 year old and we both LOVED IT!

So here are 3 reasons why MALEFICENT should be part of your MUST see movies this summer.


1 A Disney classic from the eyes of bad guys.

We all know, (Specially if you’re a girl),  Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and we grew up hating MALEFICENT,. First FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT SLEEPING BEAUTY! Because MALEFICENT it’s another story. Disney didn’t destroy the classic film from 1959 and I won’t spoil the movie for you, but take in consideration that on MALEFICENT will learn  another angle of the story in this case, from the perspective of the “evil” MALEFICENT, which by the way she might not be so evil, you’ll see why. MALEFICENT is a parallel story which explains why MALEFICENT turned evil and is doing all the bad stuff. Learning the story of how and why MALEFICENT went from good fairy to evil fairy. The story it’s so well written and extremely interesting! You’ll even end up liking MALEFICENT, understand her, specially if you’re a woman. I laughed and cried during the film.


2 The film is Gorgeous in a Gothic Way.

It’s Disney, so what do you expect, but Walt Disney pictures always exceeds my expectations and this film is no exception. MALEFICENT is gorgeous, in a dark and gothic way, first time director Robert Stromberg, a Hollywood veteran who won two Oscars for his art direction on “Alice in Wonderland” and “Avatar did an amazing job! It takes a creative eye to create such a fantastic world with visual effects, it’s like you are IN the movie, since it’s 3D you can almost smell the flowers and feel the heat of the fire.


3 Angelina Jolie is MALEFICENT!

Could you think of another actress that could play MALEFICENT so marvelous? Sorry, but I can’t! but I bet. MALEFICENT never thought  she would have those sexy lips and would look so gorgeous!, Mrs.Brad Pitt, looks AMAZING as MALEFICENT, as always Walt Disney Studios knew who to choose for the part of MALEFICENT.  Jolie  it’s not only an Oscar-winning actress, she’s is a  major selling point of the film which cost $175 million dollarsto produce but experts estimate it will make a lot more than that! And after watching the film, Jolie was totally worth the price they paid her, who by the way is also an executive producer of the film.

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My Thoughts on MALEFICENT,

viewer and Mom’s perspective

3 reasons to watch maleficent

I absolutely loved it! It’s not only gorgeous it’s entertaining and although you know the story of Sleeping Beauty, MALEFICENT it’s a completely different story, filled with surprises and will keep you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes.  I LOVED Jolie as MALEFICENT, I have been practicing my evil laugh since last night, I loved Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora and did you know Angelina and Brad’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt plays the part of young Princess Aurora? She’s just adorable!

If you have small children and you’re wondering if it’s suitable and entertaining for them, these are my thoughts.

MALEFICENT is PG, it’s NOT SCARY WHAT SO EVER! it’s just dark and gothic. If your kid gets scared easily I might not bring him because there are some scenes, like the one with the dragon which could be a bit scary, but MALEFICENT it’s a family movie! My boys is 5 years old and I showed him various trailers before taking him to watch the film and he said he wanted to see it because he loves fairies and wanted to know why MALEFICENT turned into a bad faity, he loved it! He didn’t take his eyes througth the film and wants to see it again, which we will!


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